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20 Questions: How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Shags and Trevor test their working relationship and bromance with Psychology Today’s 20 Questions: How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Things get awkward and weird really fast….but what else would you expect.

How well do you know your partner? Here are the 20 questions from Psychology Today:

1. Can you name two or more of your partner’s grandparents?  Yes No

2. Do you know the stresses your partner’s facing now?  Yes   No

3. Do you know what your partner’s favorite movie or musical recording is?  Yes  No

4. Do you know your partner’s favorite dessert?  Yes  No

5. Do you know three places your partner would love to visit?  Yes   No

6. Can you list the relatives your partner cannot stand?  Yes  No

7. Can you name all your partner’s best friends?  Yes  No

8. Do you know precisely how and where your partner likes to be touched?   Yes  No

9. Do you know what your partner likes best about her/his work/job?   Yes  No

10. Do you know your partner’s least favorite task around the house? Yes   No

11. Do you know what food your partner does not like or cannot eat? Yes   No

12. Do you know how many times (in a perfect world) s/he would like to have sex per week?  Yes  No

13. Do you know the people (or politicians) who have been irritating your partner recently?  Yes   No

14. Can you describe your partner’s philosophy of life (how s/he makes sense of this world)? Yes  No

15. Do you know what your partner wanted to grow up to be when s/he was a child?  Yes  No

16. Do you know what your partner is most proud of?  Yes  No

17. Do you know what your partner is most insecure about?  Yes No

18. Do you know what scent or smell your partner likes most?  Yes  No

19. Do you know which superpower your partner wish that s/he had?  Yes  No

20. Can you talk in detail about your partner’s dreams/life goals?  Yes   No


Now the Scores: Shags and Trevor both scored 11 out of 20

16 or more yes answers: Whoa! You know your partner extremely well. It’s like telepathy.

11 to 15: You know your partner moderately well. Not bad if you’ve been together for only a few months or just a year or two.

6 to 10: There’s plenty of room for improvement. As your partner may not be an open book, get past the cover and start reading.

5 or fewer: Think of it like this: Your partner is your research project. Get to know him or her. If this project bores you, then you may have chosen the wrong topic.

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Tip of the Hat to Psychology Today!