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2018 Morning Shag Tournament Of Bad

The Worst of The Worst Compete In The 4th Annual KCMQ Morning Shag Tournament Of BadCrowning The Worst of The Worst……

Your 2018 Champion is:



2018 Tournament of Bad Seeding:

(1) Eating Tide Pods
(1) Gov Greitens Taking Your Photo

(2) The Kardashians
(2) Daylight Savings

(3) Salt Life Stickers
(3) Speaking In 3rd Person

(4) Stepping in Dog Poop
(4) Babies at the Movie Theater

(5) Como Potholes
(5) People You Dislike Succeeding

(6) Phantom Vibrate
(6) Flat Earthers

(7) Not Returning Shopping cart
(7) DC Movies

(8) Cell Phone Belt Clips
(8) Salad Bar Samplers