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A Cheap Office Prank sure to get a few Looks

You’ll need: 1 pack of sticky tact, roughly 1-2 hours, and a crap ton of googly eyes! Work is made just a little bit for fun when you have a prank or two every once in a while. This prank was inspired by an SNL skit with Christopher Walken (see below).

Run to a craft store and pick up your supplies, get a small team together and slap two googly eyes on everything you can in the office. Feel free to place a few in some not so easy to find spots.

Shags, myself, and a few other people in the station, were able to do this prank to our boss all for under $15.

Try it out, and let us know how it goes.

What are some pranks that you have seen/ pulled in your day? Comment below.


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