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A National Holiday?

It’s again that time of the year for one of America’s Most Drunken…. Holidays??

So I was reading this article today that there’s a group forming that’s petitioning congress to make “Mardi Gras” a national holiday. 

Ok.  I love EVERYTHING about Mardi Gras, but a holiday… really? 

It’s called “A Motion For Mardi Gras,” and this effort is being headed by the mother of two famous football quarterbacks, Payton and Eli Manning.  

Olivia Manning says In OUR home, Mardi Gras is already an official holiday and the centerpiece of the party is food. WE celebrate with the boys, friends and delicious dishes like Jambalaya, dirty rice gumbo. I urge you to join me in signing the petition to declare mardi gras a national holiday.”



So whatcha think,  National Holiday or not?


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