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Could Aerosmith Be Retiring Soon?

The Aerosmith drummer says they are “kicking the idea” around.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone Joey Kramer reflected on the fact the band may not have much tread left on the tires & they can’t quite play as much as they use to. He did insist the band is still playing better than ever, but they aren’t 25-year-olds anymore so playing every night isn’t really in the cards anymore.

He also noted guitarist Joe Perry’s recent collapse on stage & his own heart scare back in 2014. Adding that he keeps conscientious about his health, but that took him by surprise as well.

As far as frontman Steven Tyler’s upcoming solo album he thinks Steven just needs to get it out of his system, but is sure the band will continue on. But for how long? well Kramer said they’ve been kicking around the idea, but a final decision hasn’t been made yet.

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