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Aerosmith’s Aero-Vederci Tour Will Be Long

In a new interview with guitarist Joe Perry, he promises this tour will last very long time.

According to an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock the upcoming Aero-Vederci Baby tour will put the band in semi-tour mode over the next few years. Perry says they will take time off here and there, but they really want to hit places they’ve only played once or never have before.

As far setting an actual end point or last show he’s not sure how that will go down as of right now, but he does realize that at some point there will be that last Aerosmith show.

Until that point he says he will enjoy every moment of the band going out on stage & performing. Perry also cited how Aerosmith is one of the few bands that have been going for as long as they have & still have all five original members together.

Whether there will be another new Aerosmith album, he’s not sure, but he has talked with Steven Tyler about doing at least a few new songs & maybe going through some of their archives to pull out some stuff that they have never recorded.