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Amazon Go: The Future of Grocery Shopping?

Grocery shopping: the one chore you love to procrastinate has been made easy.

Imagine walking into the store, grabbing your items, and leaving.

Amazon has created this zero human interaction store with Amazon Go. Their first store is sadly in Seattle; however, if it goes over well it may be the future of grocery shopping.

The point of this store is to limit lines, human interaction, and overall be more time productive. The only thing required upon entering is the app.

The irony of the store is that in the last few days of being open, there has been accidental shoplifting and long lines. Apparently the store’s technology doesn’t always pick up items when leaving, and that you must wait outside to even get in the store. I mean, is it really considered shoplifting if it is the store’s fault they didn’t charge you for all your purchases? Also, what is the point in a zero line motto, if you have to wait in line to even get in? Come on Amazon.

Twitter has already taken fire at Amazon Go, one tweet by @aaronBBrown reads,

“What happens when someone likely to shoplift, like kids the homeless or poor folks, what happens when they jump the gates grab some stuff and take off? What happens when somebody steals a phone with an Amazon app and uses it to empty the shelves?”

It looks like we are just going to have to wait and see how Amazon Go, goes.

Written by: Erica Overfelt