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Anonymous Lottery Winners: Should they all be that way?

So the last big Powerball jackpot winner lives in South Carolina, and has decided to remain anonymous after he claimed his $400M prize.   If you were to win a crap-ton of money, would you?I can understand the winner’s viewpoint.  They don’t want every nutbag in the world contacting them for money.  Hell, they might not even want their own family members to know.

From the lottery’s viewpoint, they want winners to NOT stay anonymous so that it’s clear to the public that no scams are going on and winners are actually being awarded the money.

South Carolina is one of just six Powerball states that allow winners to keep their ID private.  They’re joined by Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota and Ohio.  Missouri is NOT on that list – so if you win the lottery in our state, everyone will know it.

Do you think ALL states should allow winners to remain anonymous?

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