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Australian Government Commemorate AC/DC’s 45th Anniversary

30,000 50-cent Australian coins have been minted to celebrate AC/DC’s 45th Anniversary with ten of the coins getting a special “Thunderstruck treatment”.

The Royal Australian Mint teamed up with Questacon National Science and Technology Centre to zap 10 of these coins with artificial lightning. 3,500,000 volts of electricity charged these 10 coins with a Tesla Coil. They weren’t sure what kind of effect the artificial lightning would have on the coins, but because they are excellent conductors of electricity, the lightning marks are only visible with magnification.

The 10 “Thunderstruck” coins had an added frosting to distinguish them from the rest of the coins.

The mint also issued $5 coins in the shape of guitar picks that come with a real guitar pick in an amp shaped box.

All coins are officially licensed AC/DC band merch.

Check out the coins here.

Original source from Loudwire.