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Daily Dumbass May 3, 2019

These Daily Dumbasses don’t give a truck about throwing down. Two real secure dudes started arguing about with truck was better- Chevy or Ford that led to a fight and three people getting shot. Authorities say a 56-year-old man, his girlfriend, her son, and her son’s girlfriend were having dinner at …

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Daily Dumbass May 2, 2019

Some dumbasses you feel sorry for. And some you just wonder how they’ve made it this far. Cops in Michigan were called about several cars stopping on the road and when they arrived it was obvious why- money was blowing across the roadway. Officers closed off the road while people …

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Daily Dumbass May 1, 2019

We’ve got a 3-for-one special on today’s Daily Dumbass. 3 guys were arrested after robbing a Build-A-Burger in New York, stealing some food, a cash register and the ENTIRE surveillance system. They almost got away with it away with it…except they left a steady trail of macaroni salad that led …

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Daily Dumbass April 30, 2019

Yet another dumbass from Florida on the Daily Dumbass list. The cops were called on a 32-year old named Ben, who was causing a scene at an Olive Garden in Naples asking diners for leftovers as they walked out. When they showed up Ben was angrily eating spaghetti bare-chested, shoveling …

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