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Daily Dumbass Nov. 27, 2018

Drugs are dumb, people. Bradley from Raleigh may have proved this point when he tried to get away with selling sugar disguised as methamphetamine… Bradley attempted to pass off the powdered sugar as meth and had the sugar “wrapped up in plastic, tied shut to resemble shake and bake/powder methamphetamine.” He is …

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Daily Dumbass Nov. 26, 2018

Is there anything more interesting than a Florida trailer park? How about one full of seniors and drama? A Florida woman started a food fight with her man-friend early in the morning, throwing leftover Chinese food at him while he laid in bed. When cops arrived at the home, the Chinese …

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Daily Dumbass Nov. 21, 2018

There’s nothing worse than a rich hypocrite. A fellow artist named Ron just bought an original Banksy painting for over $700k- and plans to paint it white (obviously not a Rolling Stones fan). Apparently this guy has some issues with people taking street art for their own and wants to …

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Daily Dumbass Nov. 20, 2018

Today’s Daily Dumbass goes to a guy who went to a strip-club and ended up being the only one naked. He claims he left the strip club with one of the dancers to go grab a bite an all-night diner. While in the parking lot he met a couple of …

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