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Best Buy to Stop Selling CD’s

Imagine not being able to answer, “What was the 1st album you ever bought?”

It was announced earlier this week that Best Buy will stop selling CD’s as of July 1st of this year. With music streaming/ downloading services continuing to grow, it’s understandable that businesses will see this model as dated and ineffective.

Have we begun to see the decline in buying physical copies of music? Not only does having a physical backup to your music just make things practical, but CD’s provide the listener with the absolute best sound quality available.

When I think of people being unable to answer the iconic question, “What was the 1st album/ CD/ Cassette/ etc. you ever bought?”, it stings.

I may just be having a “get off my lawn” moment. Perhaps I need to get with the times and accept that downloading/ streaming music is new world order. But at least I’ll be able to answer one of life’s most telling questions:

The Monkee’s Greatest Hits.

You only get one, and I nailed it…