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Bon Jovi Chemistry Came Back Quickly For Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora has revealed that he has been rehearsing with the rest of the Bon Jovi band in preparation for this weekend’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony.

This will mark Sambora’s first time playing with the band since he went AWOL back in 2013 before their massive world tour for the What About Now album.

When asked how he felt  getting back with the band to rehearse he said, “We played live to millions of people over 31 years. Do I miss it? No — but the memories are good. It feels great to see everybody. We already rehearsed and it was wonderful, it wasn’t awkward. The chemistry came back very quickly; it’s matrixed into our muscle memory at this point. If you’re on the road performing and touring for 30 years, (the Rock Hall ceremony) is just another cycle — and it’s a good one, so here we go.”

Sambora said that was absolutely looking forward to the night’s show-closing all star jam: “Yeah, of course! (Mark and David) Knopfler (from Dire Straits) and (Ric) Ocasek (from the Cars) and stuff. Definitely. Are you kidding me? That’ll be a good time. Like any time, a joyous occasion. That’s the thing that I think we were put on this planet as musicians and writers and entertainers (to do), to bring joy to people, so that’s what we’ll do. That’s why we got in this business.”

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony will be this Friday night in Cleveland with HBO airing an edited version on May 5th.

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