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Brainstorm: We need Better Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrating Earth Day sucks! We deserve something better! Below is a list of things Google said you can do to celebrate Earth Day:

1. Ride your Bike

I’m not 10 anymore damn it!

2. Plant Trees

It’s not Arbor Day, it’s Earth Day. Be more creative!

3. Make a Bird Feeder

Birds poop on my car. The last thing I want to do is give them more ammo!

4. Learn about the Environment

I didn’t barely pass science class, to learn more about it at my leisure!

5. Skip a Shower

For the safety of all, you don’t want me to do that.

6. Write a Letter to your Congressman on Environmental Issues

I’ll get my party hat!

Together I know we can come up with a better way to celebrate this holiday. I tried giving the planet a hug, and now my body itches all over from the grass.  Share your ideas in the comments below.


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