Behind the Mic
Whitey Tighty Icy Hot Punishment

Trevor's punishment for losing to Shags at fantasy football was a pair of undies filled with icy hot. (more…)

Jack Ryan Movie Review

Shags rented the movie Jack Ryan and has a very animated review of the film. (more…)

Coach Cosmo Finds the Behind The Mic Camera

While Shags was out, Coach Cosmo of KCMQ Sports decided to make himself noticed. (more…)

The Ultimate Action Hero Team

With Expendables 3 not doing so well in theaters, Shags and Trevor decided to have some fun.  (more…)

Shags Gets New Shoes, Trevor’s Conflicted

Why did they have to be Puma's...  (more…)

Shags Proves He’s a Big Boy!

Warning: Immature Comedy Ahead!  (more…)

We May Have Lost All Credibility As Rock Jocks…

Shags and Trevor jam to the pop hits of the 60's in this Behind the Mic.  (more…)

Shags Chokes… Literally!

In our business, when someone "chokes" it's similar to sports. But not in this case.  (more…)

Some SWEET Dance Moves

Shags explains how he didn't learn his moves, he was born with them. (more…)

You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Clowns

"You can't have that".  (more…)