Daily Dumbass Jan. 30, 2015

A man named Stewart in Florida went into a Dunkin' Donuts to rob it.  He waited in line, then pulled out a gun when he got to the counter.  The clerk ignored him and helped another customer.  Then Stewart pulled ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 29, 2015

Today's dumbass shows us how NOT to shoplift.  A woman in Britain went into a grocery store being pushed in a wheelchair.  Security workers in the store became suspicious when they spotted her getting out of the wheelchair and walking ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 28,2015

Today's dumbass award goes to a whole group of people in Belfast.  So what do they all have in common? They all plan on eating fish that was dumped on the side of the road. One of the risk takers ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 27, 2015

A 40-year-old man in Delaware named Thomas should have practiced his handwriting a little more before trying to rob a bank.  He went into the bank and gave the teller a demand note on a deposit slip.  Thomas' handwriting was ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 26, 2015

People will try almost anything to get out of a DWI...like today's dumbass for example.  A Russian man was driving drunk in England and when he was pulled over, he told the officers that he was Vladmir Putin's cousin and ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 23, 2015

10,000 people in Britain all get today's dumbass award,  That's because they all applied for a job to be a paintball "bullet tester".  The job pays decent and includes travel expenses, but it involves being shot at all day with ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 22, 2015

A 19-year-old Florida man named Chacarion had a failed recent attempt to rob a bakery.  He had managed to get into the ceiling of the business, but ended up crashing through the insulation and ceiling tiles onto a rack of ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 21, 2015

A crazy "Mom Of The Year" story gives us today's dumbass.  A woman named Amanda in Wilmington, Deleware, took a cab to a convenience store.  She left her one year old daughter in the taxi, went into the store and ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 20, 2015

Today's dumbass proves that video games can kill you. A 32-year-old man in Taiwan died during a 3 day video game binge at an internet cafe.  He went unnoticed for hours after his death because the employees said he would ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 19, 2015

It's bad enough that today's dumbass is a rip-off artist, but does he have to be so nasty on top of it? A guy named Nicholas was caught and arrested for selling fake bottles of whiskey to tourists for $15 ...Read More