Daily Dumbass Sept. 4, 2015

A 43-year-old man named Jason in Newfoundland went to court and actually tried to enter the building with a running chainsaw this week.  NO - THAT wouldn't set off any alarm bells!!  The building was put on lockdown and the Jason was ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Sept. 3, 2015

Sometimes people can be too Granola for their own good.  There's a woman named Dorina in Hawaii who runs a spiritual healing center and who thinks being with will make giving birth a better experience.  So she plans on giving ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Sept. 2, 2015

A 23-year old man in Chicago got a job offer from a good company....but screwed it up before he even got started.  That's because he texted the company's female HR manager with nude photos of himself.  The man admitted to ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Sept. 1, 2015

Today's dumbass goes to a police department in Australia.  A man there was put in jail after police did a routine check of his car and discovered what they thought was crystal meth.  The man was put in jail and ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 31, 2015

A drunk 23-year-old man drove through a fence at the New Orleans airport and onto an ACTIVE runway.  After a brief chase, police were able to arrest him. They found him hiding behind an AC unit.  Duuuude.....if there's ever a ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 27, 2015

Today's dumbass proves that sometimes karma can be instant.  A man in Russia threw a champagne bottle at a national monument and the cork popped - which caused the bottle to fly straight towards the thrower and it hit him ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 26, 2015

A man in England was arrested after he stole a child-size toy Winnie the Pooh car from a supermarket. Video surveillance shows him taking a seat in the car and slowly wheeling it toward the exit while talking on his ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 25, 2015

High stakes poker is no joke - especially if you're playing in a tournament.  A man from North Carolina got busted using about $3.5 Million dollars in fake poker chips DURING the tourney.  He got caught after he tried to ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 24, 2015

There's been times you've wanted to get out of work - but today's dumbass took it to the extreme.  A woman in Florida left work during a break and decided she didn't want to go back.  A coworker noticed and ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 21, 2015

Another dumbass entry from Florida: A man there was arrested for driving a stolen Mercedes, but his biggest concern was being identified for his previous crimes.  So while he was inside the police car, he tried to chew off his ...Read More