Daily Dumbass Oct. 24, 2014

When you're trying to buy some weed....it doesn't hurt to double check who you're sending the text to.  A man named Alvin accidentally texted his probation officer with the message: "You have some weed"?  After the officer got the text, ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Oct. 23, 2014

Today's dumbass award goes to Nicci's neighbor.  A family that lives on her street in West Columbia put up Christmas lights in early October.  That can be understandable if you want to hang them on the house while the weather ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Oct. 22, 2014

A man in Florida was arrested for flashing women at a mall....but by his reasoning - he was JUST doing some "extreme shopping".  The 27-year-old man named Christopher explained that extreme shopping is "when you go shopping and you talk ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Oct. 21, 2014

Just how drunk can a person get?  Well a 39-year-old woman might have set a new record.  She was so plastered that she thought the local Van Buren County Jail was a bar.  Officers saw the Michigan woman back into ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Oct. 20, 2014

This whole Ebola scare is giving up more fodder for dumbasses.  A rumor was started on Social media that drinking bleach will make you immune to Ebola.  Obviously, that rumor is a hoax and swallowing bleach can lead to kidney ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Oct. 17, 2014

Today's dumbass award is a no brainer.  We're giving it to the moron in Jefferson City who prank called St. Mary's Hospital and claimed their roommate had just gotten back from West Africa and had Ebola symptoms.  This caused 40 ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Oct. 16, 2014

Don't go to work angry...that's what happened with today's dumbass.  A 30-year-old man named John went to his job as a janitor at a hotel in Connecticut. He was arrested for "mopping aggressively" after he mopped over a woman's shoes. ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Oct. 15, 2014

Here's one from the "How Low Can You Go" File. A man posed as a guest at a Connecticut wedding reception so he could steal from the bride and groom.  He fled from the reception with a birdcage filled with ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Oct. 14, 2014

In case you need another reason to not smoke meth...take today's dumbass duo.  Residents of Trinity, Texas called police after seeing a naked woman running around their neighborhood.  Police got there, and found the nude woman in a tree.  Then ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Oct. 13, 2014

Just how bad can a drunk driver get? Well, a 20-year-old man in Wisconsin was apparently so intoxicated that he hit a guy on a bicycle and didn't even notice him on his windshield until he parked at his house. ...Read More