Daily Dumbass July 26, 2015

Today's dumbass award goes to a firefighter in Ohio.  He called in a fake fire so he could respond and earn a $500 paycheck.  The irony is that his department was not called to the scene (so he didn't get ...Read More

Daily Dumbass June 24, 2015

A man in Pennsylvania robbed a bank, then stopped at the local diner just down the street to eat.  Thanks to eye-witnesses and security cameras, police had a great description of the thief - and found him sitting in the ...Read More

Daily Dumbass June 23, 2015

A man in Florida (of COURSE this happened in Florida), tried to use a bowling ball to blow up a house.  When he got busted, he told police he had filled up the bowling ball with gun powder and fed ...Read More

Daily Dumbass June 22, 2015

An 18-year-old tried to rob an apartment in New York, but was caught by his eye catching red undies.  This guy was sporting the gangsta droopy pants that hung about 5 inches below his bright red underwear.  A witness snapped ...Read More

Daily Dumbass June 19, 2015

A woman has placed an online ad, looking for a companion.  That in itself is not strange - but it's not the kind of companion you think. Instead, she needs someone to travel with her in her time machine.  She ...Read More

Daily Dumbass June 18, 2015

A drunk man was on his way home when he spotted a pail of thick liquid.  He was so smashed that he thought it was some kind of sesame dip (and why wouldn't it be left on the side of ...Read More

Daily Dumbass June 17, 2015

Talk about team-building gone wrong.  A man was at a team-building exercise when his boss got drunk and grabbed his crotch so tight that he had to have one of his testicles removed.  A lawsuit is underway.  Yeah, I would ...Read More

Daily Dumbass June 16, 2015

A man in New Zealand was pulled over and decided to give the police a fake name.  Unfortunately for him, the name he gave them was of a wanted man.  The cops arrested him and he wasn't released until his ...Read More

Daily Dumbass June 15, 2015

A man in China went to a stupid extreme to try to get his buddy out of the clink.  He put on an old policeman's uniform to pose as a cop, then went to the jail and started negotiating his ...Read More

Daily Dumbass June 12, 2015

Animal welfare services were called to investigate a home which had been neglecting a donkey.  Authorities arrived to find out the donkey was actually a life-size statue made of fiberglass.  So the dumbass award goes to the asshat who called ...Read More