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Daily Dumbass April 22, 2015

A man with a strange obsession of wearing a new pair of boxer shorts every day is now facing bankruptcy.  He's been spending about $60 a week on the habit, and it almost ran him dry.  He has since caved ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 21, 2015

After returning from vaca, I'd like to give today's award to American Airlines. It's bad enough that they charge you at least $25 for each checked bag, but now they're gouging travelers some extra money for a seat on the ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 20, 2015

A man in Des Moines, Iowa, decided to steal a local farmer's truck.  He wasn't smart enough to figure out how to drive it, so he looked in the bed of the truck for something to steal.  He spotted a ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 10, 2015

A man in Austraila went to his family reunion, got super drunk, and made more than one bad choice.  For some unknown reason, he ate a glass beer bottle and then went to lie down.  His family called emergency services ...Read More

April 9, 2015

OK...so the rock n' roll Hall of Fame folks are notorious for not inducting artists who should be in the Hall.  But now they've made a major dumbass move for this year's induction ceremony itself.  They've slated pop star Miley ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 8,2015

Here's a dumbass story where the video could easily be featured on "World's Dumbest and/or Clutziest Criminals".  A woman in Bakersfield, CA, decided to steal a potted plant from the side of someone's house.  So she grabbed the pot, and ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 7, 2015

A man in India tried to marry a cobra, because he believes that the snake is the reincarnation of a beautiful woman who had fallen in love with him.  Over 12,000 people showed up to a small village to witness ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 6, 2015

Here's one from the "More Money Than Sense File".  A man from China has spent over 200 grand to have 10 operations to transform his face to look like his idol: William Shakespeare.  This moron saved up for over 3 ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 3, 2015

Talk about a horrible employee...and even worse - he was the boss!  A water plant manager named Martin is now facing disciplinary action after he was caught urinating into a resevoir that supplies drinking water to the San Francisco area. ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 2, 2015

Every year after April Fool's, we hear of a prank gone horribly wrong and this year is no exception.  A college student in Michigan wanted to prank her roommate by throwing a firecracker at her inside their apartment.  Turns out, ...Read More