Daily Dumbass Nov. 25, 2014

Today's dumbass award goes to a whole group of people....and that group would include anyone who rioted and looted in and around Ferguson, MO last night.  Over 80 people have been arrested for burglary, arson, trespassing, and other assorted crimes ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Nov. 24, 2014

A 21-year-old guy named Kierran in England was caught burglarizing homes earlier this year, and was given a suspended sentence and probation.  But apparently this loser is SO lazy, he went back in front of a judge to be asked ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Nov. 21, 2014

Today's dumbass award goes to a couple in Springfield, Oregon.  Logan and Kelli left a local strip club, and parked their car outside of the Springfield jail, and started having sex.  Their parked car caused a traffic jam and since ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Nov. 20, 2014

A man in California man named Lopez showed up to a job interview drunk.  His potential boss mentioned that he could smell alcohol on Lopez's breath, which sent him into a rage. The two men scuffled, and then Lopez pulled ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Nov. 19, 2014

In case you needed one more reason to stay off crack, you can always look at today's dumbass. 33-year-old Gregory Herndon of Florida was spotted blocking customers from using an ATM while on his bicycle and wearing a bra.  When ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Nov. 18, 2014

From the "Lame Excuse Department" is today's dumbass:  A Fresno State college student was arrested for having sex with a sheep after a night of heavy drinking.  The 23-year-old was caught in the act after reports of noises coming from ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Nov. 17, 2014

Today's dumbass award goes to the band U2.  What they meant as a friendly gesture was actually a really stupid thing to do. They sent a case of Guinness beer to Slash to welcome him to Dublin for his recent ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Nov. 14, 2014

An Arkansas teenager shows us how to NOT get a driver's license.  The 19-year-old was spotted by police driving to his license test without a license, so they tried to pull him over.  He led them on a chase in ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Nov. 13, 2014

Two women named Juanita and Vicky in Beaumont, California have earned their dumbass stripes by becoming the first two extreme Black Friday shoppers of the year.  They have already pitched tents and are camping out at a Best Buy to ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Nov. 12, 2014

Today's dumbass won't win "Teacher Of The Year" anytime soon.  A Spanish teacher showed up for work at a high school in Connecticut.  His students started videotaping him after it was obvious that he was drunk and he peed his ...Read More