Daily Dumbass Aug. 19, 2014

A 19-year-old guy named Robert posed for his latest jail booking photo while wearing a t-shirt of his last mug shot.  He was busted for DWI both times,  so on the t-shirt it said the mug shot was  "sponsored by ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 18, 2014

Apparently, dead people are being recruited for boot camp.  The United States Selective Service System sent notices to over 14,000 men in Pennsylvania who were born between 1893 and 1897...that was a computer error - they were supposed to be ...Read More

Daily Dumbass 8-11-14

Today's Daily Dumbass comes to us from Austria where a woman admitted to filming a porn video in a church after somebody recognized her boobs.  Her face was not shown in the video, but she exposes her breasts in the ...Read More

Daily Dumbass – August 11, 2014

Today's Daily Dumbass comes to us from North Carolina, where Bradley Hardison beat police officers in a donut eating contest. He ate 8 donuts in 2 minutes to win the contest during an anti-crime event. But after running his name ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 8, 2014

A family was sleeping in their Florida home when a loud noise woke them up.  They found a bicycle outside the house with some of their belongings piled beside it.  After looking all over, they finally realized there was someone ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 7, 2014

I was gonna talk about the drunk Oklahoma schoolteacher who came to work with no pants on, but since the Morning Shag covered that gem in WTF News, I'm giving today's award to the Rolling Stones readers who voted for ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 6, 2014

A New York woman recently made an amazing large number of bad decisions in one day.  The 22-year-old named Sarah got drunk, smoked some weed, then went to a pet store and stole a python snake.  While she was driving ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 5, 2014

An Oregon man named James and his girlfriend were arrested recently after an 8-hour standoff with police that involved marijuana, Mountain Dew and the male anatomy.  They refused to surrender and James kicked out windows, yelled and screamed, stood in ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 4, 2014

It's hard to believe anyone could get this drunk....but a 32-year-old woman named Ria did something extremely stupid after a rap concert recently.  She tried to drive away in an unmarked police car while officers were still inside.  Two officers ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 1, 2014

Yet another dumbass who shows up why flying and alcohol don't mix.  A flight from Tunisia made an emergency landing after a drunk woman attacked the flight crew with her prosthetic leg.  She also told the flight crew that she ...Read More