Daily Dumbass July 22, 2016

So imagine you’re in Italy, but want to go to Switzerland – and don’t want to pay for it.  You could try what today’s dumbass did: Cram yourself into a suitcase and have your friend take him with you as luggage on a train. Guards on the train were immediately …

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Daily Dumbass July 21, 2016

A man in Nashville is in big trouble for stealing…but it’s not your average theft.  A 55-year-old named Christopher went into a store called Hollywood Hustler and stole a mannequin worth 5 grand that was sporting a spandex dress and rhinestone stilettos.  Police were able to find  Christopher at his …

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Daily Dumbass July 20, 2016

Kids learn about sex at some point…but not usually by porn provided at school.  An elementary school in Israel distributed DVDs to 6th graders as part of the school’s celebration of “Hug Day”.   The videos were recorded over old porn DVDs and portions of the porn played after the …

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Daily Dumbass July 18, 2016

Here’s another example of why some Pokemon Go gamers need to slow their roll.  A couple in their mid-20’s were chasing Pokemon in Ohio and they didn’t let something like a huge fence or trespassing charges stop them.  They jumped the fence at the Toledo Zoo and instead of advancing …

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Daily Dumbass July 14, 2016

This whole ‘spoil your pet’ thing has gotten out of control.  There’s a luxury pet spa in Japan that is now actually offering dog exorcisms.  For a little over 300 bucks, a priest will perform an exorcism on your dog in front of a shrine.  Not come ON people….really?  Sometimes …

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Daily Dumbass July 13, 2016

Sometimes really good intentions can end up with disastrous results.  A 28-year-old woman in Florida was driving the other day when she decided to close her eyes and start praying.  Then she rolled through a stop sign and into a house.  She was cited for reckless driving before being taken …

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Daily Dumbass July 12, 2016

This might be the most ridiculous food fight ever.  A couple in North Carolina got into an argument and then started pelting each other with hot pizza rolls. What’s even sillier is that they both got arrested and are being held on bond and could face jail time.  Whaaaat?  Is …

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Daily Dumbass July 11, 2016

A family dispute in Australia leads to an amusing phone call to the po po.  A man and his son had a fight after the dad found his kid’s pot plants and burned them…the son then called the cops to report his dad.  Confused yet? So were the police.  They …

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