Daily Dumbass April 22, 2014

A guy named Keveen went into a restaurant in San Mateo and flirted with the female bartender.  He gave her his phone number in hopes of landing a date...then came back later that night and robbed the place.  The bartender ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 21, 2014

Some dumbass in Michigan with a sick sense of humor made Easter a dangerous holiday this year.  They put a Xanex in a plastic egg and put it out during an Easter egg hunt at an elementary school.  A 4-year-old ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 18, 2014

Talk about the worst possible butt dial in history.  Two Minnesota burglars were arrested after one of them accidentally butt dialed 911 and left the line open as the pair discussed their crime.  Police tracked down the call, and when ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 17, 2014

If you steal a computer, you should go ahead and assume that the customer service package doesn't come with it.  A 24-year-old man in New Hampshire was arrested after he stole a laptop, then called Apple customer service for some ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 16, 2014

If you don't want to get caught with stolen goods, you might not want to do what today's dumbass did.  A 39-year-old Polish man was arrested while fleeing a house he had just robbed.  To keep officers from finding his ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 15, 2014

If you're going to rob a bar, you might want to consider their working hours.  A man tried to break into a Maryland bar...but since it was 2:30AM on a Saturday, there were still several employees inside.  So he broke ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 14, 2014

Today's dumbass award goes to former Mizzou Tiger and current San Fran 49er Aldon Smith. As I'm sure you've heard by now, Aldon was arrested yesterday at LAX after authorities say he became belligerent during a security screening and threatened ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 11, 2014

A guy named Douglas in Maine was stopped by police because an officer recognized him and knew his license was suspended.  The cop found marijuana in the car, and since Douglas didn't want to get charged for possession, he told ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 10, 2014

At least today's dumbass picked out the right shirt.  A 21-year-old Oregon man named Ross drove his car onto a sidewalk, hit a parked car, then tried to strangle his girlfriend when she tried taking his keys from him.  Police ...Read More

Daily Dumbass April 9, 2014

Yet another dumbass who called the cops for help WHILE they were doing something illegal.  Today's dumbass comes from Louisville, Kentucky. A 34-year-old man named Kenneth called 911 after falling from a ladder and breaking his leg - which happened ...Read More