Daily Dumbass Aug. 29, 2014

A guy named Michael in Delaware had no problem spending time with his kids.  He took his 8-month-old son and 5-year-old daughter with him on a trip to Wal-Mart.  Unfortunately, Michael was arrested for shoplifting during the trip...and to add ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 28, 2014

Today's dumbass is so wrong on so many levels.  A woman in Utah named Cameo called and texted her ex-boyfriend from his home, where she left a pound of bacon over a lit burner. The man called police and asked ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 27, 2014

Today's dumbass earned his stripes for just being nasty. Richard Gibson of Louisiana needs a new item to start collecting, because he's been collecting his toe and fingernail clippings in a jar since 1978.  That's more than 36 years worth ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 26, 2014

So everyone is posting videos of themselves taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge....that's all fine and good - unless you're a convicted felon who's on the run from the law.  Omaha police arrested Jesean Morris after he posted his video ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 25, 2014

I don't usually ever watch the M-TV VMA awards show because generally, there's not much there for rock lovers....and last night's show was no different.  For the dumbass award, I have to give it to M-TV, who awarded pop singer ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 22, 2014

Electronic monitoring devices can be a hassle, but you probably shouldn't rely on a chicken to keep you out of trouble.  A man named Porto was arrested in Brazil after police caught him selling drugs.  Porto was on house arrest ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 21, 2014

There's nothing better than a dumbass who calls the police to complain about something that happened to them WHILE they were trying to commit a crime.  That's what happened when a 53-year-old man named William called the cops to complain ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 20, 2014

A British man picked the dumbest item ever to play fetch with his dog.  He was walking along a beach when he spotted a round object and decided to throw it for his dog to fetch.  Luckily, a bomb expert ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 19, 2014

A 19-year-old guy named Robert posed for his latest jail booking photo while wearing a t-shirt of his last mug shot.  He was busted for DWI both times,  so on the t-shirt it said the mug shot was  "sponsored by ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Aug. 18, 2014

Apparently, dead people are being recruited for boot camp.  The United States Selective Service System sent notices to over 14,000 men in Pennsylvania who were born between 1893 and 1897...that was a computer error - they were supposed to be ...Read More