Daily Dumbass March 27, 2015

Police in England are on the hunt for a man who has been assaulting people for a totally bizarre reason.  Apparently, this guy really hates it when someone sneezes - and he's been slapping strangers who sneeze in public.  So ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 26, 2015

A man used his own credit card to jimmy open a garage door in Pennsylvania, and left it behind when the owner scared him away.  Obviously, it didn't take police long to track down the would-be crook.

Daily Dumbass March 25, 2015

A man in Louisiana is under arrest for shooting your son in the ass over an argument about the lack of orange juice in the house.  His son's injuries are not life-threatening, but even in Louisiana - it's illegal to ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 23, 2015

I'm not sure who's dumber: The company who's selling this, or anyone who'd buy it.  A Russia business is canning air from a region known for Bigfoot sightings, and is selling it with the promise of physical strength and the ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 20, 2015

A motorcyclist led police on a high-speed chase in L.A. and decided to show off some tricks.  Throughout the chase, the dumbass performed dangerous stunts and waved at people.  He may have looked cool for a minute, but the stunts ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 19, 2015

A Seattle burglar cut through the dry wall of an apartment building in an attempt to escape, but ended up getting stuck in an air duct and had to be rescued by firefighters.  A resident of the building caught the ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 18, 2015

Usually you can rely on the Associated Press for mostly  reliable news and info, but they had an epic fail yesterday.  The AP somehow confused Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit with Robert Durst - the wealthy real estate heir accused ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 17, 2015

So a man in France was trying to hide something illegal, but it turns out - he wasn't doing anything wrong and he's too dumb to know the difference.  He married a Russian woman and then hid her in his ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 16, 2015

A brewery in Portland, Oregon, wants to use recycled sewage water to make their beer.  A company spokesperson says "the sewage water that goes through the high purity water system is the cleanest water on the planet".  Uh, yeah - ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 13, 2015

A man in Russia was arrested after he was caught trying to shoot cell phones over a prison wall with a crossbow.  Prison guards spotted him rustling around in some bushes outside the prison walls, sounded the alarm and then ...Read More