Daily Dumbass March 4, 2015

Add this on to your list of things NOT to do to a bee hive.  A bus in Vietnam pulled over to let several male passengers relieve themselves.  One of the passengers - the genius of the group - decided ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 3, 2015

A guy in Ireland named Gerry found a man bleeding on the ground outside of his bar.  He thought the man had been attacked, so he called police.  When officers got there, the so-called victim told them that Gerry had ...Read More

Daily Dumbass March 2, 2015

A man called "the guru in bling" convinced up to 400 men to cut off their own testicles by promising them it would bring them closer to God.  Now, some of the men are speaking out against the man's teachings. ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Feb. 26, 2015

Talk about sad...today's dumbass is being charged from stealing from preschoolers!  A New Jersey school bus aide named Rosa was caught on surveillance cameras going through children's backpacks and taking their lunch money and bagged lunches.  Rosa had worked for ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Feb. 25, 2015

When will criminals learn not to get on social media and brag about their crimes??  A man in Wales named Logan taunted the police on Facebook with the message, "Haha catch me if you can. Won't see me slipping".  Officers ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Jan. 24, 2015

Two Florida men ended up in the Clink after they accidentally butt dialed their employer.  That allowed their boss to hear the two discussing their plans to steal $8,000 worth of construction equipment from him. It also helped the boss ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Feb. 23, 2015

Today's dumbass goes to a Pennsylvania college student who ordered a box of fake IDs and had them accidentally shipped to the dean of his college.  The mixup happened after the student ordered the IDs from China, and even though he ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Feb. 20, 2015

Here's one from the "Nice Try" Department.  A man named Brian in New Jersey crashed his car after running a stop sign and hitting a guardrail while he was driving drunk.  So Brian called a friend and asked him to ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Feb. 19, 2015

An Oregon man named Alek filed a report claiming that police officers had assaulted him while he was being arrested for sexual assault and stalking.  Authorities looked over the security footage of Alek's jail time and saw him punching himself in ...Read More

Daily Dumbass Feb. 18, 2015

You think your landlord is bad? Wait til you hear about today's dumbass. A landlord named Robert in Pennsylvania is being charged with shooting his tenant in the butt after the tenant refused to give him a cigarette. Robert admits ...Read More