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Daily Dumbass Feb. 9, 2017

Talk about your reckless driving…and while adding to a nasty stereotype.  A 21-year-old woman named Anastasia in New Hampshire was pulled over on the Interstate going 91 miles per hour during a huge snowstorm.  Since the highway was completely snow and slush covered, the officer asked her why she was …

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Daily Dumbass Feb. 8, 2017

Sure, there’s plenty of ways to get some exercise, but today’s dumbass really needs to find an alternative.  A female officer in Redmond, Washington, spotted a man jogging on the Microsoft corporate campus at night in the freezing cold – and he was only wearing tennis shoes.  His reasoning?  He …

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Daily Dumbass Feb. 7, 2017

Talk about your embarrassing “I want to crawl in a hole and die” moment.  A woman in Germany called police after hearing a strange “drilling sound” from inside her home.  Officers arrived, figured out the sound was coming from the bathroom, and found the woman’s sex toy in the tub …

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Daily Dumbass Feb. 6, 2017

Leave it to a Kansas man to pick the hardest way to do something.  A 70-year-old man named Lawrence robbed a bank and pled guilty to the crime…he didn’t do it for the money though.  He did it so he could go to prison and escape being with his wife …

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Daily Dumbass Feb. 3, 2017

This is not what educators had in mind for “Show and Tell”.  A substitute teacher in Oklahoma was arrested for indecent exposure after she did a cartwheel in front of her students while wearing a skirt and without underwear. One of the high school students recorded the incident on his …

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Daily Dumbass Feb. 2, 2017

Not wantin’ to “get any” for Valentine’s Day this year? Then this gift idea is for you.  The Bronx Zoo in New York will name one of their Madagascar hissing cockroaches after your sweetie for just $10 to celebrate your love.  For a higher fee, they’ll even throw in a …

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Daily Dumbass Feb. 1, 2017

Dude…you’re going the wrong way!  A man in China was bicycling back home after a New Year’s celebration. Officers stopped him because he was on a highway that cannot be used by cyclists.  After talking to him, it was discovered that he had accidentally biked 310 miles in the wrong …

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Daily Dumbass Jan. 31, 2017

The last dumbass of the month is semi-local: From Missouri out of St. Louis.  A 20-year-old named Nicholas tricked out his Impala will flashing lights and a siren, then parked next to another vehicle and identified himself as a city police officer.  Nicholas is NOT a cop, but the driver …

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Daily Dumbass Jan. 27, 2017

We already know several things we should NOT do on Facebook: Air dirty laundry, post nekked photos, anything involving a duck face, etc.  You can add ‘advertise heroin’ to the list too.  Federal prosecutors in Atlanta have arrested four men for heroin distribution after they advertised the drug on Facebook …

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