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Daily Dumbass April 5, 2018

When will “The Earth Is Flat Theorists” learn??  A 61-year-old man named “Mad” Mike launched himself into the sky in a self-made rocket. Why? He says he did it to prove that the earth is flat.  He ended up pulling two parachutes and landing in the California desert, managing to hurt his back during the landing.  He said he made the rocket with $8,000 he received in funding from Research Flat Earth.  OK, there’s so many levels of wrongness here.  First, if you put the words “homemade” and “rocket” together, it never ends well.  Second, why is there still questions about the shape of Earth? If it was flat, don’t you think thousands of people would have fallen off the edge by now? Third, does anyone else find it scary that there’s an organization that believes this crap??