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Daily Dumbass July 13, 2017

You may or may not agree with me about today’s dumbass pick of the day, but celebrities who push their political agenda have always bothered me.  The latest? Kid Rock. (Let me start by saying I LOVE Kid’s music).  He says he’s running for the Senate in his home state of Michigan in 2018 as a Republican.  And there’s a website up called Kid Rock for U.S. Senate but – the merchandise link on that website just takes you to Kid Rock’s record label website, so there’s the possibility that this is all a marketing ploy.  Bottom line – and this goes for whether I agree or disagree with your political viewpoint – I just want you to make music and be a rock star.  I do NOT want you to try to influence politics and I definitely don’t think you’re qualified to be a senator, even if you are a stone cold pimp.