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Damn, I wish I had invented that!

I held a BBQ a few weekends ago, and invited lots of friends and their kids.  I looked around and realized that just about every kid there, including my son, had on a pair of Crocs.  That led to a “damn, I wish I had invented those ugly-ass shoes” moment.

Personally, I haven’t let myself get a pair because I think they look sloppy unless you’re gardening, but they are excellent for kids.  In fact, I can’t get my son to wear anything but Crocs.  He can get them sandy or muddy, and I just spray them off and they’re as good as new.  The cost of manufacturing them has to be low….and I think everyone in the world knows about them. 

Can you imagine how much money you’d have if YOU had invented Crocs? Holy Crap!!!  Maybe those ‘invention kit’ infomercials hold some weight…

What do you wish you had invented?


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