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Def Leppard Probably Working New Album Next Year

According to guitarist Viv Campbell, he’s hoping the band starts work on a new album next year.

Campbell knows the band has a busy year this year with the 60-plus shows they will be doing with Journey (more info on those shows here), but next year he’s hoping they won’t be as busy in 2019.

Campbell said, “”I know that if we decided next week to go into the studio, we would have plenty of ideas to get started on. We haven’t officially discussed it yet.  So, there’s a very strong chance we’ll probably get into the studio and at least start on a new record next year.”

Campbell has said why he thinks it’s important to keep putting new music out, “I think there’s a few things that keep bands vital. For Def Leppard, one of those things is that we continue to occasionally make new albums. It’s been a couple of years; I think we’ll do another one. But we still do that, even though some people say, ‘Why do you even bother? People just wanna hear your hits. You do very good business by just going out and playing your hit songs.’ But it’s important for the lifeblood of Def Leppard as a band that we continue to be a creative unit.”

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