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Employers Microchipping Employees

You microchip your dog, now your employer may want to microchip you.

The response from employees at Three Square Market when they were asked if they wanted to be microchipped was welcoming. Currently, fifty of the eighty employees have signed up for the optional microchip.

After the chip is implanted, employees will be able to swipe their hand to get access to doors and even pay for their lunch. Even though the employees are on board, some are skeptical.

Alessandro Acquisti, a professor of information technology and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, told the New York Times he is worried about hacking.

“’Companies often claim that these chips are secure and encrypted,” but ‘encrypted’ is ‘a pretty vague term,’ he said, ‘which could include anything from a truly secure product to something that is easily hackable.’”

Chief Executive Todd Westby told the New York Times the track would never be used to track any employee, nor would it have the capabilities. It’s passive, and will only give data when data is requested.

Even though the chips are FDA approved, some employees remain skeptical. One said they’d be open to the chip being on a ring, while others totally opposed it. Either way, it’s happening, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s wide spread.