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Former Bassist Says Reunion Would Bring Closure

In a new interview the original bassist for Van Halen, Michael Anthony  is pushing for a reunion.

Anthony, who was originally ousted from the band & replaced by Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang in 2004, admits that he wants to do it partly because he has watched other bands doing it as of late, but he said its also for the fans. He believes a tour with at least the original line up of himself, David Lee Roth, Eddie & Alex Van Halen would bring some proper closure. Anthony also notes that everybody is still in good health so they have that on their side as well.

When asked about recent comments of Sammy Hagar open to doing a Hagar/Roth tour with Van Halen, Anthony says he was part of the first time that happened back in 2002 & how it didn’t end as well as it started, but he’s done with all the drama and just wants to go out and play and be able to go to his grave a happy man.