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I’m breaking up with Rolling Stone Magazine…

You’ve probably heard of the controversy by now on their latest cover – but I’ve had issues with RS Magazine for the past several years.I realize that Rolling Stone usually has a serious article that either tackles political unrest or injustice in the world in each issue.  I appreciate that….as long as it’s secondary to why I subscribe to Rolling Stone.  I get Rolling Stone to read great interviews, articles and the latest news about rock stars.

For years now, Rolling Stone has wildly expanded the rock star image to include rap stars, pop stars and reality TV “stars”.  I threw up a little when I received my copies with Justin Beiber and the cast of Jersey Shore on the covers.

So I’ve been considering this break-up for a while…but just when I’d get totally disgusted, they’d put out an issue with Jimmy Page on the cover, or the Rolling Stones – and I’d calm down after reading the great articles.

Now that Rolling Stone has “jumped the shark” by using a glamour shot of Boston bombing suspect Tsarnaev, I’m totally done.  I see this as a pathetic attempt for the magazine to get attention while making a “rock star” out of a terrorist.  Yes, they have the 1st Amendment right to print what they want…and I have that same right to stop reading it, and stores have the right to not sell it.

So, it’s time we broke up.  Sorry Rolling Stone, but I don’t even know who you are any more. As for you:  How do you feel about Rolling Stone? Will you still read it?

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