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I’m going to REALLY miss Tim Russert!

So I was in my car, talking to a friend last Friday afternoon, and he says “hey, I just saw on Fox News that Tim Russert Died….”

I kept saying “No way, really?  No way, how?  No way, I can’t believe it.”  I mean, I was a blubbering idiot about the news.

I’m sure no one was happy to hear Tim died, but why did I freak out so much?  Because I’ve had a huge admiration for Tim Russert for a while now.  What I loved about Tim was that he could lay out any political story in layman’s terms.  My initial goal in broadcasting was to become a political journalist, so Tim Russert was my hero.  He was down to earth, was more “real” that other TV broadcasters, and he seemed like a real stand-up guy.

I could go on and on about his professional accomplishments, but I think the biggest compliment is: he seemed like a friend, even if you never met him.  I also loved that he was from a blue collar family, but was wicked smart.

I can only imagine how his family must be coping with his sudden death at age 58, I truly feel for them.  Also, Tim was about the only thing I had to look forward to about the upcoming election.  Now who’s gonna tell it to us straight?

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