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KCMQ is Asking You: What Really Rocks?

Here is your chance to hear your voice on 96.7 KCMQ!

What really rocks?

What is that one part of that one song that makes you rock out hardest?

We want to know! And have you be a part of our new liner campaign!

Your voice could be featured on 96.7 KCMQ, telling all of Mid- Missouri what you think really rocks!

Here is an example of what we’re looking for:

So here is how you can tell us “What Really Rocks” and potentially get your voice on KCMQ:

  1. Download the 96.7 KCMQ app to your phone.
  2. In the app, select “Open Mic” from the menu (upper left corner).
  3. Record your message with the following script:

“I’m (state your name) from (state the city you live in) and what really rocks is (tell us what really rocks). 

4. Preview your recording to make sure it sounds the way you want.
5. Once you like it, click send and use your email to send it to us.

That’s it!

So think about your favorite part from your favorite song and tell us What Really Rocks! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out here.

Thank you!