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KISS Drummer Reveals Who’s Really In Charge

When it comes to who’s really in charge of KISS, current drummer Eric Singer says everything has to go through the frontman.

Since joining KISS as the replacement to Eric Carr, Eric Singer has seen a lot of time with the band & says that it’s Paul Stanley that has the final word on anything for the band, not Gene Simmons as most believe.

In an interview with Rockmusicstar.com Singer says that both Stanley & Simmons do things together, but nothing is final until Stanley says “yay”.  He admits that there are something that Stanley won’t really care either way, but Singer says even if Simmons, current guitarist Tommy Thayer, and himself want to do something…if Paul doesn’t want to do it…it won’t happen. On the flip side if there’s something Paul wants to do, but Gene isn’t on board with it then Gene gives in because according to Singer Gene just wants to play and doing whatever they are doing.