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Luckiest Lotto Numbers

Improve your chances of winning by checking out these numbers!

A study analyzed over 1,500 lottery drawings over fifteen countries and looked at which ones were drawn the most.

Here’s the top numbers and how many times they were drawn:

16: Drawn 191 times
22: Drawn 179 times
28: Drawn 167 times
37: Drawn 167 times
6: Drawn 166 times
3: Drawn 164 times


Now here are the ones that were drawn the least, AKA the “unlucky” numbers:

18: Drawn 4 times
46: Drawn 5 times
40: Drawn 6 times
41: Drawn 7 times
32: Drawn 8 times
36: Drawn 8 times


It’s important to say these numbers aren’t a guaranteed winner (duh), but according to one study, they are the “most lucky.”

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