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Manual Transmission vs Automatic

A dying tradition that actually makes driving so much more fun. I learned how to drive stick at an early age. My grandfather has a farm with a huge driveway, and I would take my uncle’s MG  and practice for hours, up and down the driveway till my family would call me in to actually socialize with them. My first car was an automatic but I quickly switched to a manual because they are so much more fun to drive. I think it has something to do with control for me. I love driving, and I love being in control of a contraption that can take you up to speeds we as humans have only been able to appreciate for the past few decades.

However, it saddens me that many cars today do not come with a manual option, and if they do, its only in the base model. Even the redesigned muscle cars of old will skimp out on the stick!

Perhaps its simply a sign of the times. Automatics are easier to operate. New drivers learn on automatics and have no need to learn the alternative. Though recently I have had a few co workers ask me to teach them the skill, I fear this wonderful pastime will go the way of the easy to fix carburetor. (A word that I just misspelled, and my spell check failed to correct me!)

Do you know who to drive stick? Do you prefer it? If so, share you passion with someone who doesn’t. Let them see how much more fun they can have while driving.  And if they ask to learn how to use paddle shifters, smack them across the face as hard as you can.


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