Marijuana or Roller Coaster

Posted by trevor on December 27, 2012

The coolest, latest game that all the kids are playing!

Marijuana or Roller Coaster

Tennessee Twister- Marijuana
Deju Vu- Both- Six Flags Magic Mountain CA
Cincinnati Cyclone- Marijuana
Afterburn- Roller Coaster- Carowinds NC
Pineapple Express- Marijuana- (easy one).
Dragon Fire- Roller Coaster- Canada’s Wonderland
California Screamin’- Both- Disney’s California Adventure CA
Brain Teaser- Both- Darien Lake NY
Blazing Fury- Roller Coaster- Dollywood TN
Flashback- Roller Coaster- Six Flags New England MA
Humbolt Scorcher- Marijuana
Great White- Roller Coaster- Sea World TX
Invertigo- Roller Coaster- California’s Great America CA
Woodstock’s Express- Both- Dorney Park PA
Bug Out- Both- Wild Adventures GA

Have fun!



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