Morning Shag Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

Posted by shags on February 4, 2013

Overall the commercials were kinda lame but here are my Top 5 from the big game:

#5:  Budweiser: Brotherhood

A beautiful Clydesdale is raised by and then reunited with the trainer who raised it. (I didn’t know Boonville had such a majestic mountain range)

#4:  M&Ms: Love Ballad

A smitten M&M candy will do anything for Naya Rivera (“Glee”), but even bite-sized chocolates have their limits. Cue the Meatloaf tune.

#3: Taco Bell.

Elderly people getting tattoos, clubbing, getting busted. What’s not to like?

#2:  Best Buy: Asking Amy

Poehler, fresh off her co-host duties at the Golden Globes, hits it out of the park in her Best Buy Super Bowl spot where she asks an unflappable Best Buy employee a slew of questions. Is LTE contagious?

#1: Audi: Prom

A dateless high school boy gets a boost of confidence from his dad’s swanky Audi and smooches the prom queen. The boy gets a black eye (courtesy of the prom king), but bruises fade. Glory is forever. (Best TV ad I’ve seen in a long time! Live your life fearless and go for that kiss!)

***Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite Super Bowl Commercials was…


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