NBA player dominates haters one on one

Posted by shags on January 24, 2013

For some odd reason, people foolishly believed they could beat Brian Scalabrine one-on-one. Ya know, because he was the goofy white guy that sat at the end of the bench during this NBA career.During my freshman year of college I played and guarded Brian Scalabrine. I played him twice that year when I was hooping at Chemeketa Junior College and he was at Shoreline Junior College this was before he transferred to USC and was named Pac-10 newcomer of the year.  I’ve played with/against more than a handful of guys that have played at the highest level and Scalabrine is legit.  There’s a reason he played in the league for 11 seasons and this cracks me up that wanna be ballers thought they could hang with him.  Enjoy the short clip of the biggest ginger I’ve ever met beating up on his haters!!


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