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New Monday & Tuesday Editions of Nicci’s Nooners

We’re switching up Nicci’s Nooners on Monday & Tuesday! 

Through all of it’s incarnations, Nicci’s Nooners is one of our most honored traditions here at 96.7 KCMQ.

And in an effort to bring you the best in Classic Rock (and have some fun in the process), we’ll be switching up Nicci’s Nooners on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Starting this week:

Monday’s will feature The Classic Rock Ranker during Nicci’s Nooners!

  • Nicci will countdown her Top 9 songs in that weeks random category.
  • Example: If the category was “Best Classic Rock Bands”, Nicci would play songs from her top 9 classic rock bands in a countdown. (Fun Fact: That is this Monday’s category).
  • You’re welcome to argue with her for her picks, but take it from the rest of the KCMQ team, she won’t change her mind…

Tuesday’s will feature The Tuesday Threeway during Nicci’s Nooners!

  • Nicci will pick 3 artists.
  • She’ll then pick 3 songs from each of the 3 artists.
  • Then, one artist at a time, play the 3 songs back to back to back.

Both new features will stay true to Nicci’s Nooners, giving you more classic rock variety!

Our other Nicci’s Nooners features will stay the same:

  • Wednesday: Classic Rock A to Z- Playing our entire Classic Rock library in alphabetical order, one hour at a time.
  • Thursday: Throwback Thursdays- Highlighting the pop culture, news, and MUSIC of a specific year.
  • Friday: 60 Minute Non-Stop Free Ride- A full hour of non-stop Classic Rock!

We hope you enjoy our new Nicci’s Nooner editions!

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