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Not Again – this time it’s Carlin???!

What the Hell?  I’m still stunned from the loss of Tim Russert, and now, one of the best comedians of all time – George Carlin, is dead?  I’m scared to turn on the news anymore, for fear of finding out another talented entertainer or journalist has died.

I guess George had heart problems, which isn’t a huge surprise considering the amount of abuse he did to himself over the years while battling various addictions.  But for some reason – he just seemed too ill-tempered to die so soon.  The one thing I admired most about George was that he never lost his edge or ‘mellowed’ with age.  In fact, I think he got more pissed off about society the older he got.

George just performed at Jesse Auditorium late last year, and I’m so thankful that I bought tickets and got to see him.  I had never seen him before and he may have been more forgetful at 71, but still relevant and bitingly funny.

Now we’ll see tons of interviews and commentaries from other people in the biz or from George’s family, talking about what he was like on and off stage.  As a broadcaster, I’ll always be thankful of his “7 Dirty Words” contribution, which literally put him in the history books since it went to the Supreme Court.  That man had a pair, that’s for sure.

You know, I’ve heard that celebrity deaths happen in 3’s.  So first it was Russert, now Carlin, who do you think the 3rd one will be?

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