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Oreo Candy Bars are now a thing!

And you can buy them soon!

Oreo has held the title of “milk’s favorite cookie” for years now. Turns out they may also get “milk’s favorite candy bar” too.

So now imagine an Oreo as you know it. Chocolate Cookie – Frosting – Chocolate Cookie.

This are going to be about as thick, but Milk Chocolate – Frosting – Cookie – Frosting – Milk Chocolate.

You can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to get my hand stuck in my cup of milk trying to dunk a damn candy bar, just look at it!
Hitting stores in January, the king-sized bars are going to run about $5. Which is admittedly steep for a candy bar, but have you SEEN this? I don’t think it’s gonna be a daily occurrence, not for the price of a full meal, but I’ll start going to the gym every day if I can have one of these suckers ever week!

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