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Overdoing Xmas presents with kids

It’s really important to me to not spoil my 3 year old on holidays….

but it’s hard to keep from doing it!  When I was growing up, I got one “big” gift, a small gift, and a stocking – which usually consisted of an orange, a pencil and an ornament.  That’s a decent Christmas, and I never felt slighted.

Nowadays, I know people who spend $1,000 per child at Christmas – and that doesn’t even include what everyone else in the family gives to them.  I have these horrible images of my son sitting around a massive pile of gifts and then saying “is this IT???!!”  Man, I don’t want that to happen…I want him to know the true meaning of giving, not the excesses of gluttony

With that said, I’ve got to say – it’s so hard not to spoil him.  He’s my only child and I love to give him presents.  Just when I’ve decided he has plenty from Mom, Dad and Santa, I’ll see something else in a store that he’d probably love – then I stand there and debate on whether to buy it.  It’s a sickness I tell ya!

What are your limits to keep from spoiling your kids, or do you have any?

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