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Good call Busch beer!

Busch beer’s ad campaign right now uses Marshal Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See” to try and lure  you to head for the mountains, potentially starting an avalanche as you crack open your beer and an ominous voice whispers “BUsssch”. However, the commercial takes some creative liberties with the lyrics.

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Legos: The Building Blocks of Dreams

What were your favorite toys as a kid? Last weekend, my mind drifted back to a simpler more imaginative time. I heard that the record for tallest Lego tower was broken in South Korea. The current record holding tower stands at 105 feet (just taller than Jesse Hall) and is …

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Running Out of Control

As the weather gets warmer, a troubling danger approaches in the streets of the hardest working city in America. This threat is putting every citizen in our town at risk of traumatic injury and fiscal ruin. It is wildly attractive women jogging in outrageously skimpy clothing on the sidewalk.

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My Solution to the Great Toilet Debate

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house with 3 guys so the whole debate over keeping the toilet seat up or down was solved democratically. However, in recent years the great debate has come to my bathroom and my argument of  “just look before you sit” cannot …

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