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Are These Really The 10 Worst Led Zeppelin Songs?

We here at KCMQ will preface this article with that we love Led Zeppelin & would be hard up to really name a top 10 worst Led Zeppelin songs list…but somebody else has…

Over at (you can read the full opinionated list here) writer Jeff Rindskopf decided to take on the daunting task of listing & explaining what he thought the ten worst Led Zeppelin songs are from their eight proper albums.

We’ll start at the bottom & work our way down to number one.

#10 Carouselambra (from In Through The Out Door)

He mentions the flash of brilliance, but didn’t think it made up for the rest of the song.

#9 Hot Dog (from In Through The Out Door)

He cited it as being too goofy and whimsical for the band.

#8 Royal Orleans (from Presence)

He called it more forgettable than anything Zeppelin has done before.

#7 Hots On For Nowhere (from Presence)

He says it chugs along to simplistic and doesn’t have much of a vocal melody.

#6 Hats Off To [Roy] Harper (from Led Zeppelin III)

The review of this song calls it not very accessible or even enjoyable.

#5 Celebration Day (from Led Zeppelin III)

It is called “not bad”, but the reviewer feels as though if falls in comparison of the standard of the band.

#4 Living Loving Maid (from Led Zeppelin II)

He notes that it is Jimmy Page’s least favorite song & that it is repetitively annoying in a short amount of time.

#3 Moby Dick (from Led Zeppelin II)

The review gives credit to John Bonham for being an amazing drummer, but doesn’t feel it was exciting for as long as it lasted.

#2 The Lemon Song (from Led Zeppelin II)

This song was criticized for being too long with juvenile lyrics.

#1 I Can’t Quit You Baby (from Led Zeppelin)

He calls the song the weakest track on the band’s debut album, calling the repetitive lyrics and slow pace a rather boring song.

What do you think of the list? Is this guy right or is he way off on any of these songs?

Let us know in the comments!

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