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Red Sox Fan Throws Back Home Run, Hits Player

Sign this guy to the team! 

Saturday night has many rival baseball teams face each other. One of the biggest in The New York Yankee’s at The Boston Red Sox saw something quite unique.

Yankee’s slugger Giancarlo Stanton blasted a home run over the famous “Green Monster” and Fenway Park. Per baseball tradition, when the opposing team hits a home run in ‘your house’, you throw the ball back!

But this fan not only has a cannon, but some pretty solid aim. Check it out:

Normally, I’d try to make a dig about how the Red Sox fans are better than the players on the field. But credit where credit is due. This was impressive. Also tip of the hat to Stanton for the salute to the fan after he got hit, recognizing how impressive that actually was.

We just won’t talk about the Cardinals right now. You know, because it hurts.


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