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Resolutions Schmesolutions!

Have you made a resolution for 2009?  Personally, I gave up on those….

Truly, I used to faithfully make resolutions and try to stick to them for several weeks – sometimes longer depending on the goal, and then I’d eventually drop off. 

Finally I realized that I started each year feeling like a loser when I didn’t stick to my resolution.  Counter-productive, don’t you think?  So now my resolution is to NOT make resolutions, or at the very least – make resolutions that are easily attainable and sustainable. 

For some people, resolutions work.  I just haven’t figured out their magic yet.  Plus, my will power is for crap.

How bout you?  Have you made a resolution, and if so – how are you going to make it work?  Or did one work in the past that enables you to pass along your wisdom, oh wise one?

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