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Rock & Metal Grammy Nominees – My Predictions

With the announcement of the 2018 Grammy Awards nominees I’ve decided that since they did a pretty decent job pick them nominees I would take my shot & picking who I think will win.

The categories that I’ll be picking through will be Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album, & Best Metal Performance. I’ve also included polls after each category so you can vote for you think should win as well.

Best Rock Performance

Leonard Cohen “You Want It Darker

Chris Cornell “The Promise”

Foo Fighters “Run”

Kaleo “No Good”

Nothing More “Go To War”

I would like to see Nothing More get the award for this category, but I have a feeling Foo Fighters will be the actual winner. Regardless I’m going to say that Nothing More should get this one, even thought there are in my opinion a few other songs that are actually even better than “Go To War” on the album.

Best Rock Song

Avenged Sevenfold “The Stage”

Foo Fighters “Run”

K.Flay “Blue In The Cut”

Metallica “Atlas, Rise!”

Nothing More “Go To War”

I think this one for sure should go to Foo Fighters because “Run” is just such a well crafted song. But this is the Grammy Awards & after last year’s technical issues with the Metallica & Lady Gaga performance I wouldn’t put it past them to give to Metallica as a “make good”.

Best Rock Album

Mastodon “Emperor Of Sand”

Metallica “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”

Nothing More “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”

Queens Of The Stone Age “Villains”

The War On Drugs “A Deeper Understanding”

Once again I’d love to see Nothing More get this one, I mean they are nominated in three categories & should walk away with at least one award. I’ve listened to ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ several times over & it’s just a well produced album worth the award. But once again I wouldn’t put it past The Grammys to give it to Metallica.

Best Metal Performance

August Burns Red “Invisible Enemy”

Body Count “Black Hoodie”

Code Orange “Forever”

Mastodon “Sultan’s Curse”

Meshuggah “Clockworks”

This category can go to any of these songs because it encompasses a wide swath of metal music, but with that being said, I’m going with Code Orange “Forever” getting the win here. But I could still see the award going to Body Count if The Grammys want to make a statement.