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Sammy Wants Van Halen Tour With Dave

Would fans go crazy for a Van Halen tour that would feature both David Lee Roth & Sammy Hagar?

During a recent interview at SXSW with USA Today Sammy said he believes a Van Halen tour with both frontman going back & forth through their songs with the band would make fans “die and go to heaven”.

Sammy & Dave have teamed up for a tour once before back in 2002, but never joined each other on stage.

One of the main reasons Hagar would love to do the tour is so all the band members could put the bad blood behind them before they die. Hagar even said he would like to see original bassist Michael Anthony join the group for the tour as well, but noted that when Anthony was fired from the band & replaced with Eddie’s song Wolfgang that it hurt his relationship with Eddie. So much he’s not sure if it could be repaired.

Sammy isn’t looking to do this tour for fame or fortune as he said he wants to do it for the fans.

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