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See Axl Rose in 3D? Preview of GNR Concert Movie

If I want to see a mostly plastic man dancing in 3D, I would just watch Toy Story.Don’t get me wrong, the music of Guns N Roses rocks my socks off. But Axl Rose has scared the crap out of me ever since I was a kid. The dude looked like a prepubescent girl when GNR was new, and now he looks as if he’s spent millions to an old Nazi scientist to keep him that way.

Add that to my hatred of 3D movies and I you now have a way to extract vital information out of me without the use of water or boards.

Their new 3D concert movie ‘Appetite for Democracy’ still has no release date, but you can check out the non 3D teaser of them performing ‘Paradise City’ below.  Disclaimer: Not their best performance.


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