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Shags and Trevor Try to Remember

While listening to a Heart track, Shags asks a question that sends the two of them into roughly 10 minutes of pondering. 

Behind the Mic is a video series that gives you a peek inside the Morning Shag studio when the microphones are turned off.


  1. Suicide Squad was a lot of fun. I really liked it. Margot Robby’s hotpants stole the show though.

  2. Do you have a printed copy (book) of your shower thoughts?? I would love to buy one.

    If not I think you should do a book of shower thoughts and donate all or part of the proceeds to charity. Maybe donate to a charity that is trying to stop bullying. You could do it in the format of a joke book or as a comic strip like the Maxine books. I try to repeat your shower thoughts to my co-worker but never get them correct.

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