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Shower Thoughts from the Morning Shag’s 6th Birthday Bash

Morning epiphanies from the shower. Or the lobby of the Blue Note Saturday night.

“We ROCK!” “That’s what she said…”


“Are 2 Bluetooth called Blueteeth?” “Steve!”


“If Shags would have been Darth Vadar- we would have had ‘Spaceballs’ instead of ‘Star Wars’!”


“Slip + Slide should be an olympic event!” “I wish cheese would love me!”- Trevor


“What are frogs?” “What ARE frogs?”


“I slept with this guy and all I got was this t-shirt…”
“What if pigs really could fly??”


“Just drank a PBR and met Penis and Beer Robert. Coincidence?? I think not!”


“When can I kick Shags out?”


“I cry why???? Cardinals 5 games out!!!” – Trevor


“Who did the grapevine hear it from?”


“I may be too old to stir the gravy but I can still lick the spoon.” “Do bananas fear monkeys?” “After party?”


“How is my show still on the air! I’m always wrong!”


“What if the storms on Jupiter is the same as some of our crazy storms on Earth? It looks the same from other worlds?” #RedEye #BIGSTORM #Jupiter


“I don’t know what she’s talking about!?!” “Bubbles…the bubbles…the bubbles.” – Dori


“Get yourself a Glock. Lose that nickel plated sissy pistol.”


“Are we the last ones to become extinct?”