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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Sir Paul McCartney Punched Eddie Vedder

Vedder would probably be happy if he did it again.

There’s no bad blood between Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder and Beatles legend Paul McCartney, but things get crazy at the bar.

From Loudwire, Vedder explained in an interview he met up with McCartney at a hotel bar in Seattle.  McCartney was telling a story about being in a fight, and he got really animated, to the point where he was throwing imaginary punches.

McCartney forgot to pull one of those punches and it landed square on Vedder’s face. McCartney immediately apologized, but kept going with his story.

Honestly, Vedder didn’t mind too much.

“I remember it hurt for a few days and I remember when it went away, when the pain subsided and the swelling went down, I kinda missed it.”

Check out the whole interview below!