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Stanco’s Ode to Bad Drivers.

You know who you are.

As I sit in my truck on a brisk September morn’.

What should arise that we earn my scorn?

Cars to my left and trucks to my right.

So many people make me want to take flight.

Alas, bad drivers are nothing new.

And of course it’s everyone else but you.

Now I’m not here to teach how to drive.

I’m merely trying to get home alive.

Though I do give a warning for your own good,

I hope you’re listening as you should.

I swear to all the old gods and new if you people block one more F*#^&@$¬†intersection and my light turns green I’m going to hit the gas so fast your car will be my new hood ornament and you’ll be even more late than if you just waited your turn.