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The Walking Dead Office Death Pool

For fans of The Walking Dead, and friendly workplace wagers. The Walking Dead rises from it’s winter hiatus February 10th. Plenty of time to organize with your friends/ co workers a Walking Dead Death Pool. Here’s how it works.

Each player will pick 3 cast members who they think will die in this next half season. They will also choose how they think they will die, be it by human or zombie, and where they think they will die, The prison, Woodbury, or other.

If you correctly guess “Who” that earns you 3 points, “How” earns you 1 point, and “Where” earns you 2 points.

At the end of the season tally up your points and the person with the most wins.

Our office break down looks like this: 3rd place gets money back, 2nd place gets 30% of the remaining pot, 1st gets 70%.

Feel free to move things around to your liking.  Download a the WalkingDeadDeathPool template.

See the teaser below.


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