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Do you think Missouri would survive a zombie apocalypse?

We’ve finally got the stats to answer the question on EVERYONE’S mind.So, does Missouri make the cut for a zombie apocalypse? The asnwer: maybe. We’re about about as middle of the pack as it can get for whether or not we make it through the cannibalistic end of times!

One website ranked all 50 states in 5 categories: population per square mile, gun owners per capita, % of people cremated vs. buried, % of active people, and general interest in zombie media in general. Missouri ranked (respectively) 23 for population, 21 for gun owners, 32 for cremation, 36 for activity, and 20 for interest in zombie media.

Alaska is the #1 state for surviveability! Mostly because there’s no one in Alaska. Not surprisingly, New York ranked last because they’re WAY too many people and the zombie apocalypse is just a numbers game, really. Missouri overall ranked 25th. Our chance of surviving the apocalypse is about as good as a coin toss. I’m calling heads! Head shots, that is.

See the full list at the Daily Mail website here.