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Tony Iommi Wants To Make Amends With Bill Ward

With the final Black Sabbath shows coming up guitarist Tony Iommi insists he wants to make amends with Bill Ward.

This Thursday (February 2) & Saturday (February 4) in their hometown of Birmingham, England will be Black Sabbath’s final live shows. And in a new interview guitarist Tony Iommi has said that he would like to get back on to better terms with original drummer Bill Ward. Iommi admitted that since he doesn’t deal with the business side of the band anymore that he’s not really sure why things went the way they did with Bill refusing to join the band on their farewell tour.

Originally Ward was on board when the first announcement was made back in 2011, but then stepped away because of what he claimed was an “unsignable contract” for his services. While money was thought to be the issue the band had hinted that his health was also a factor & they would want him to split the drumming duties with another drummer while out on tour, which Ward refused to do.

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