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Top 10 Signs You Grew Up In Missouri


Top 10 Signs You Grew Up In Missouri:

10. You can’t see a car with one headlight out without screaming “PADIDDLE”

9. At least one of your friends showed animals for 4H

8. You measure all distance in amount of minutes it takes to get somewhere. There are no miles

7. Most of your early memories involve the outdoors in some way

6. You’re never more than 20 miles from a playground…aka a cornfield

5. County and State fairs were something you looked forward to every year

4. You never blink when you drive next to a tractor on a main road

3. Your summer nights were spent catching fireflies…aka Lightning Bugs

2. You were a PRO at assuming the tornado position during a school tornado drill

1. Your favorite after school snack was puppy chow